Desiccant prevents moisture in delivered Product

HyDry™, the desiccant that meets the demand.

  • Hydry™ works in every application that requires your product to arrive to the customer, moisture free.
  • HyDry™ is more absorbable than silica gel, clays, & beads, taking more water out of your shipping medium, faster, with the flexibility of paper, printable and able to be customized to your shipping bottle, box or container cheaper than any other option available.
  • HyDry™ has no packets, pouches or bag to break and contaminate.

HyDry™ desiccant is Eco-Green and recyclable, renewable, sustainable, compostable, and it decomposes.

  • HyDry™ absorbs about 2.5 times as much humidity as silica gel,
  • HYDry™ can absorb 100% or more of its weight in humidity than silica gel.
  • HYDry™ reduces relative humidity to 17% while the best that silica gel reduces is 40% relative humidity. Silica gel allows more than 35% more humidity than HYDry™.
  • Less HYDry™ material is required while protecting a greater capacity.
  • HYDry™ incorporates Safe Ingredients in an FDA approved facility.
  • HYDry™ is a safer product that uses recycled paper.
  • HYDry™ has no salt, silica gel, or Calcium Chloride.
  • The destruction of a perfect product can happen in delivery; mold, mildew, rust, fungus, tarnishing, corrosion, fusion to packing, bacteria growth, sprouting, label deterioration.
  • HYDry™ gives the best protection against moisture at the lowest price.
  • HYDry™ adsorbs water, the adsorbtion occurs on a molecular level, this mechanism occurs on the surface of the HYDry™ materials, which means that the water molecules sit on the surface of the HYDry™ molecules so less material can achieve the equivalent in surface area.
  • HYDry™ can be cut, folded, bent or formed.
  • HYDry™ is intended to reduce the humidity, or water vapor, of an enclosed space so that the air and contents of the enclosed space may become dry and/or stay dry. HYDry™ gets and keeps your items dry by drying the air around them.