1. Why use HyDry™ instead of other desiccants on the market?

  • HyDry™:
  • Adsorbs more & quicker than conventional desiccants,
  • Requires less desiccant to dehumidify more area,
  • costs less to use
  • is more effective,
  • is made from recyclable material,
  • is recyclable and safe,
  • paperboard form and not particles in packets that can break or cause choking, and has applications, from large to small,
  • Is FDA compliant.

2. How much HyDry™ to use?

The general guidelines:mattress (Small)

  • Use one 3”X3” HyDry™ sheet for the equivalent or smaller volume of one cubic foot.
  • Use one 6”X9” inch square for the volume of a typical conventional mattress.
  • One 80 feet by 12 inches roll, to protect a 20 foot cargo container.


3. Should the container be air tight?

Yes, HyDry™ will adsorb humidity from whatever air it can reach. If the container is not air tight, HyDry™ will adsorb humidity from the air that is outside as well as inside the container, rendering HyDry™ much less effective.

4. Is HyDry™ used for long-term storage needs?


5. Is HyDry™ effective for containers that must be opened frequently?

Yes! Reclose as soon as possible!

6. Does the size of the container matter?

No. As long as it is airtight and you follow recommendations, HyDry™ can work in any size container.

7. How do I know when to replace HyDry™?

For long-term storage: If the recommended amount of HyDry™ is used and if the container is truly airtight, 3 months is a reasonable time span between replacing or recharging HyDry™ . HyDry™ should be recharged or replaced whenever the container is opened, or whenever the contents show evidence of humidity intrusion. For frequently opened containers: Once the protected space has been breached repeatedly, beyond a total time of about one hour (this time will vary depending on humidity in the surrounding air), HyDry™ may no longer be effective and new or recharged HyDry™ may be required.

8. Can I cut or fold may be cut or folded into whatever shape works sheets?

Yes these actions do not inhibit the drying action. HyDry™ may be cut or folded into whatever shape you desire. HyDry™   can be bent, molded, laminated or custom cut for your application.

9. Will HyDry™ work in a very humid environment or climate?

Yes it can, if your container is air tight and recommendations for use are followed.

10. Can HyDry™ harm my valuables?

Not unless your valuables can be harmed by drying or becoming overly dry. It is recommended that you test HyDry™ for your particular application to confirm suitability and desired results. Please follow all recommendations on the “How To Use HyDry™ ” page.

11. Will HyDry™ dry very wet or soaked items?

The main function of HyDry™ desiccant is to keep dry items dry and to help damp items dry out. However, if enough HyDry™ were to be used so that the weight of HyDry™ exceeds the weight of the water in the soaked items within the air tight space, HyDry™ would be able to absorb all of that water.

12. Can I cut or fold HyDry™ sheets?

Yes! HyDry™ may be cut or folded into whatever shape works best for you.