HyDry™ Protects Ammunition, & guns, vegetables and fruit (while shipping), dried rice, beans, & grains, dried meat, raw nuts, electronic components, cameras, safes, Vitamins, Pharmaceutical pills, Powders, minerals, shoes, books, personal storage Bins, ship containers, Dehydrated foods, Survival gear, Metal shelves, tool boxes, document protection, Seed storage, Motor home, (while not being used), photos, jewelry, Medical instruments, Dry out cell phone before turning it on, prevents tarnishing,

HyDry™ active ingredients are uniformly spread on a molecular level, unlike desiccant papers that are made with silica gel, an ingredient similar to sand. Silica gel papers can dull knives and scissors, much like sandpaper would do. If you want to cut, fold, bend or form silica gel papers, think of doing the same with sandpaper. Silica gel also has the tendency to dust and silica dust is dangerous to breathe. HyDry™ is safe and easy to cut, fold, bend or form.

  • Silica gel allows relative dampness compared to HyDry™ when you consider that silica gel allows more than 35% more humidity than HyDry™ .
  • When HyDry™ replaces silica gel, products have better protection from moisture damage.
  • HyDry™ reduces relative humidity to 17% while silica gel’s best is 40%.
  • HyDry™ adsorbs moisture two times faster than silica gel.
  • Less desiccant material is required and greater capacity is achieved.
  • HyDry™ absorbs about 2.5 times as much humidity as silica gel which has a capacity of about 40%. HyDry™ can absorb 100% or more of its weight in humidity.
  • Packets of silica gel or clay can break open, require clean up, and cause contamination. Packets also incur the high cost of insertion. By being a part of the packaging, HyDry™ eliminates insertion costs.
  • No packets,There are no extra steps in making a cardboard box that is ready to keep its contents dry.
  • Once HyDry™ is incorporated into paperboard, it can then be implemented into the manufacture of cardboard.
  • HyDry™ paperboard saves money by returning to the recycle stream instead of being dumped into a landfill.
  • HyDry™ is renewable, sustainable, recyclable, compostable, and it decomposes.


  • HyDry™ materials are inexpensive, so we are able to offer the lowest price.
  • There is no cost of inserting a desiccant when HyDry™ is already a part of the packaging.
  • You can receive money for recycling HyDry™ treated paperboard. Money is wasted when packets are discarded.
  • Since products are drier than with silica gel, there is greater protection.
  • HyDry™ provides cost savings.
  • HyDry™ is ECO-Green, safe for the user and the environment.
  • Handling is easier.
  • Safe ingredients – FDA compliant.
  • HyDry™ delivers greater safety because it can eliminate the choking hazard caused by free floating packets.
  • HyDry™ stays where you want it and need it.


HyDry™ products can be an anchored part of packaging.

  • Packets can break and contaminate powders while HyDry™ can be placed above powders in the lid of a bottle or the ceiling of a freight car.
  • HyDry™ paperboard can be placed above a powdered product.